Thursday, 7 May 2015

Scaling down Blagnac Airport

Yesterday we looked at two models of the A380.
The real A380 is one hundred times longer than the big model, and five hundred times longer than the small one.
Taking the small one, how long would the runway at Blagnac need to be to be the same scale?
We looked on Google maps:
So, about 4km. We divided this by 500 together, and got...
8 metres!
We made some runways (they're a bit too thin, but never mind):
What numbers to write at each end?
Coming in to land...

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  1. We are getting pretty good at calculating headings (bearings) too. So next time you see the numbers on the end of the runway, you'll be able to explain what they mean and surprise everyone by 'magically guessing' the one at the other end! Well done everyone.