Saturday, 2 May 2015

Horse Whisperer

I would love to visit a place in Argentina which is famous because of some people that are called Horse Whisperers. 

I have chosen that I want to see a Horse Whisperer because I love horses.

The place where Horse Whisperers live is in San Antonio de Areco

A Horse Whisperer is a person who can tame horses without a whip, shouting or pulling on the reins.

A very famous Horse Whisperer is called Martin Tata. Martin is a gaucho. A gaucho is a person who is like a cowboy. They have hats that look like berets and they like the traditional tea, yerba mate.

Tata’s horse is called Milonga. I’ve read Tata can make his horse do handstands and other poses. 

Martin is self-taught which means he taught himself how to tame the horses.

Here are some pictures:

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  1. How amazing to be able to talk to animals and have them talk to you. Do you think it took a long time to learn this skill or was he born with it? Enjoy your trip!