Friday, 1 May 2015


 I have chosen Reykjavik as my destination. It is located in Europe and it is the world's most northern capital.

Just a small population live in Iceland which is famous for its hot springs, geysers and active volcanoes. Lava fields cover most of the land and hot water is pumped from under the ground to supply much of the country's heating and on top it is a spectacular show for tourists like me. By the way that's why I took my binoculars.

The most known geyser is called Geysir and its highest recorded gush of water was 100 meters. Unfortunately it rarely erupts any more. To help it erupt a ditch was dug, but later they added soap. This practice was against nature so they had to stop.

Luckily, bubbling pots and a very active smaller geyser nearby keep tourists coming to this area. It erupts every 4-8 minutes, shooting sizzling water into the air and spraying tourists who happen to be standing too close. Then you should go in the hot lagoon and have a warm bath!

On top you can enjoy Iceland's lovely nature:

Have a walk on the enormous lava fields...

or wait for the beautiful northern lights...

or visit the biggest glacier in of all Europe...

The only thing I don't like about Iceland is their whale hunting tradition. Iceland was forced to abandon the practice in 1989. Later it restarted with scientific whaling and in 2006 it announced a return to commercial hunts. Greenpeace is still against it.

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  1. What an adventure this would be. I like the look of the hot springs too. Super blog post Justus.