Sunday, 23 November 2014

Estimation - How many Ferrero Rochers in the box?

There were little boxes of Ferrero Rocher too.
To give you some idea of its size, here it is next to the cone.
Now for the estimation.
What number are you sure is too small an estimate?
What number are you sure is too big an estimate?

What is your estimate?

Write it in the comments before you watch the video. (You could watch the video up to the point where I begin to open the box.)


  1. Well 11 is too big and 3 is too small SO my estimate is 6

  2. I think that in the little box ther are 4 6 or 8

  3. 10 is too big
    1 is too small
    6 is probolly the anser

  4. I thinc 11 is to big 2is too small its 9

  5. well 10 is too big and 4 is too small but my estimate is 7

  6. 2 is to small and 6 is to big my estimate is 4.

  7. 3 is small. 10 is big. My estimate is 9.