Friday, 14 November 2014

Dune Du Pyla

Near Bordeaux, in a place called Teste-du-Bush at Arcachon bay, I went to a place called Dune Du Pyla and it is also called Sand Dune.  Its height is 110m above the sea level and it is in between the Atlantic ocean and a big forest.  It is the biggest sand dune in Europe and it is observed to be slowly moving inward into the forest.

I had lots of fun there because it was really sandy and very soft. When I was coming down on the slope of the sand hill, if you pushed the sand a bit, it flows like water.

 There are lots of sand dunes around the world like, northwest of India and in parts of the southwestern United States.

Dunes form when the sea wind pushes sand against an obstacle like grass or trees on the beach.  Over time, it becomes a small hill of sand.


  1. I didn`t see you but I was there as well.
    When I went up it was difficult to climb but when I went down I was running.

  2. It looks like a lovely place to live in!

  3. I've been there too, but quite a few years ago now. It's good fun climbing up and running down. And of course the sea is there too!

    1. I went there to Mr Gregg! (A very very long time ago!) It was AMAZING!

  4. It looks nice there if i were you i could live there

  5. Wow it is beautiful Shriya i love it

  6. It looks fun and beautiful !!!!!!!.

  7. My mum would like to go to the Dune du Pyla and I would like to go to it looks really beautiful !!!!

  8. I went there, its very cool. My favourite moment was when I went down because you go so quick that at the end you fall down!!!!!