Thursday, 6 November 2014

Wallace and Gromit inventions

Today we had a look at some of the inventions in Wallace and Gromit:

and we tried to write the algorithm for the Bed Launcher and the Jam Ballista.
Bed Launcher
Here's Holly and Rose's algorithm:

  1. Alarm clock rings.
  2. Press second button on system control box.
  3. Gromit pulls lever.
  4. Counterweight lifts up bed mattress.
  5. Person falls out of the bottom of the bed.
  6. Doors in floor open.
  7. Person falls into trousers and lands on the chair.
Jam Ballista
Here's Marie's algorithm for the Jam Balista:

  1. Press activation button.
  2. Spring pulls down.
  3. Spoon goes in the jam.
  4. Spoon catapults the jam.
  5. Toaster ejects toast.
  6. Jam goes on toast.
  7. Time to eat!

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