Thursday, 27 November 2014

Estimation: How many little Oreo boxes in the big box?

How many of the little Oreo boxes came in the big box?
What would be a number that's definitely too small? Too big?

Once you've estimated, and left a comment, click here to see the answer.

Bonus question, once you know the answer: how many Oreos would be in the big box altogether (before they were eaten)?


  1. 29 is too big and 6 is too small my estimate is 12

  2. 30 is too big and 4 is to small and my estimate is 12.

  3. 10 is too big, and 6 is too small, so, my estimate is 8 small boxes inside the big box.
    4 small packets of Oreos inside the medium size box. Each packet has 4 oreos.
    So, 4 times 4 is 16. 16 times 8 is 128. So, 128 Oreos.