Sunday, 23 November 2014

My Beano collection

The Beano is a comic that I collect. It is packed with laughs and pranks and prizes! It's first comic appeared in shops on 30th July 1938. My collection is from last summer to now. The characters are very funny! They include:
  •  Dennis the Menace and Gnasher
  •  Walter
  •  Minnie the Minx
  •  Rodger the Doger
  •  Little Plum.
  •  The Bash Street Kids (Danny,Fatty,Sidney and Toots,Smiffy and many more.)
  •  Billy whizz
  •  Ball boy
  •  Smudge
  •  Ivy the Terrible
And lots more! As far as I know, The Beano is a comic that is known nationwide. Here is a picture of my Beano collection. It is a lot bigger than this because this was taken last year.


  1. What a collection! I used to read the beano when I was your age! I didn't have a fab jumper like yours though!
    Thank you for sharing your hobby with us.

    1. That should read 'The Beano'!

    2. I started collecting them last summer