Tuesday, 11 November 2014

The Best Weekend With My Father

I was looking forward to this weekend because we had four continuous holidays. My sister, my mum and I went by train to Rodez. My father was waiting in the railway station. I was very excited to see my father after a long time. He had rented a car to take us all around. We went to his house in the car. After a while, we went to the amphitheatre in Rodez. It is a modern building made of steel and lit with decorations of colorful lights. We went to a park nearby. My sister and I ate popcorn and played in the park. We saw the big cathedral. It was made of red bricks and in the night it looked golden. Then, we went back home.

The next day we went to Albi in our car. The person in the tourist office told us that the boat ride is cancelled during the winter. I really wanted to go on the road, but as I couldn't go I was gloomy. I liked everything in Albi like the bridge and the museum as well. I just didn't like the fact that it was raining. After a long time in Albi, we went home. The next morning,  we went to Laguoile. It is a small village which consists of only 2000 people. The specialties there are knives and cheese. First we went to the cheese making factory. I wanted to see how they make cheese, but they showed only the video of it which was in French! It was a little disappointing to us. Then we went to a knives factory. There were lots of knives put on display  when we entered. We were allowed to go around the factory and see how the knives were actually made. They explained everything to us in French, but my father told it to me in English. And  so I understood everything perfectly. Afterwards, we went around and saw all the knives on display. I liked a knife very much. My father bought it for me. Its handle was made out of an animal's horn and its blade was very sharp. After we bought it, we gave it to a knife maker and he printed our family name and the date on it. We then had lunch, sat in the car and drove back to my father's house. That night, I told  my father everything that had happened in the week. Later, my mother, my father, my sister and I played Fizz Buzz for a long time until we all were very tired. We then had our dinner and went to bed.

The trip was very good because my father was with us. As I sat crying in the train, I began to count the number of days left for the next weekend as my father would then come to our house.  


  1. That's a lovely blog post, Samyak. What a special four-day weekend! And you'll have the (famous!) Laguiole knife as a souvenir of it too!

  2. Wow you really seemed to enjoy your trip.

  3. Yes I did enjoy my trip a lot!