Thursday, 20 November 2014

Estimation - How many Ferrero Rochers in the cone?

It's the time of year when all the Ferrero Rocher chocolates start appearing in the shops.

I bought one of the cones.
Now for the estimation.
What number are you sure is too small an estimate?
What number are you sure is too big an estimate?

What is your estimate?

Write it in the comments before you watch the video. (You could watch the video up to the point where the plastic cone is taken off.)


  1. Hi, it's nice to see your blog with new posts! An estimate to small is 11. An estimate to big is 40. My estimate is 30. (I hope it is a good estimate)

    1. Thank you Pablo, and thank you so much for visiting! You've answered it in just the kind of way I wanted people to, so it's been a good test for this kind of post. If you haven't had a look yet, watch the rest of the video.

    2. Thanks! All of 5W really misses you! I see you have done the same kind of things we did! I think i'll just take a look at your wonderful Jack and Lilo blog!
      We've been reading a book called Floodland which is really interesting! I recommend it to you and your class! The book is a little about global warming that the water risas and the UK is covered by water. We think it's going to happen in the future.
      See you soon! :)

    3. I heard you were reading that. I've read it. It all happens in East Anglia which is a very flat part of England. When I was at Cambridge, I once rowed with my eight along the river to Ely. (It's the most painful my bottom has ever been!) Very flat countryside and once lots of it was flooded, before it was turned into farmland, so it could be flooded easily again if the sea levels were to rise.

  2. Replies
    1. i think 40 is to big and 19 is to smoll

  3. too small=10 too big =50 MY ESTIMATE =34

  4. Well,14 is too small and 50 is too big I think its 35 or 40

  5. To big is 30.To small is 10 my estimate is 20

  6. too small=10 too big= 50 my estimate= 29

  7. I think there is 22 in the cone.